1. Luna Note

Luna Note is a speculative note-taking app that offers journaling prompts based on the current moon phase. How can you document the present so that you can reflect and make informed decisions about your personal growth?
( Prototype ︎︎︎)


2. Aces Health Dashboard User Interface

Aces Health was a conceptual desktop app for clinical trial sites. I designed a potential dashboard view for pharmaceutical companies to track the testing of a drug - along with views for the the clinics facilitiating the clinical trial.

Agency: 3 Owl

Pharmaceutical View / 2017
For ACES Health

3. 3 Owl Agency Brand Identity and Website

Art Director from 2018-2020. I partnered with Jonathan Splitlog to create the brand identity and website for 3 Owl, a small web agency based in Atlanta, GA. I oversaw the internal design team and helped developed the internal creative processes for brand and web. Prior to being an art director, I was a Designer & Strategist from 2016-2018.

4. Vitalink Patient Website

Vitalink Research is a network of fully integrated clinical trial sites. I designed the patient facing website along with leading the art direction for their B2B marketing website in collaboration with Sara Norman.

Agency: 3 Owl

5. Illustrations & Logos

Logo / 2020
For Hope Givers (PBS Show︎︎︎)

T-Shirt Design / 2018
For Atlanta Science Festival

T-Shirt Design / 2016
For Atlanta Science Festival

Logo & Brand / 2016
For Doggy Dogg

Risograph Print (printed by Counterpart) / 2018
For Dope Girls Zine

T-Shirt Design & Animation / 2016