Vichhika Tep

Work Info
Vichhika Tep is a designer that lives in Chicago, IL. She is currently the brand designer at MIT Technology Review.


1. Illustrations & Logos

Logo / 2020
For Hope Givers (PBS Show︎︎︎)

T-Shirt Design / 2018
For Atlanta Science Festival

T-Shirt Design / 2016
For Atlanta Science Festival

Logo & Brand / 2016
For Doggy Dogg

Risograph Print (printed by Counterpart) / 2018
For Dope Girls Zine

T-Shirt Design & Animation / 2016


2. Center Stage Atlanta Brand and Website

            Center Stage is a music venue in Atlanta that contains 3 rooms: Center Stage Theater, The Loft, and Vinyl. I designed the logo system, front-end website, and a social template to visually establish tthe connection between these 3 venues
Agency: 3 Owl


3. ATL Collective Brand and Poster Design

            ATL Collective is a non-profit, live music series celebrating the diverse sounds of Atlanta through covering classic albums. They needed a cohesive, recognizable brand with ever-changing visuals to match each month’s live show.
Agency: 3 Owl

Brand Pillars / 2019

Key art for events (prior to re-brand)


4. Personal Experiments



5. Luna Note

Luna Note is a speculative note-taking app that offers journaling prompts based on the current moon phase. How can you document the present so that you can reflect and make informed decisions about your personal growth?
( Prototype ︎︎︎)