Always working, always publishing.

“A website can be anything. It doesn’t (and probably shouldn’t) be an archive of your complete works. That’s going to be dead the moment you publish. A website, or anything interactive, is inherently unfinished. It’s imperfect—maybe sometimes it even has a few bugs. But that’s the beauty of it. Websites are living, temporal spaces. What happens to websites after death, anyway?”
(Laurel Schwulst)

                 This website is for myself. Not for any sense of external validation or a sense of completion. Since this site is my own, I, myself, am the only one that is in control of how I want this site to be and what it could become. This site doesn’t have to stay the same tomorrow or as it did yesterday. My presentation is an extension of what’s within and I hope that this website can be a representational glimpse of what that could be.

Because things don’t always last forever, you can find finished work in the navigation. It contains branding, web, and product design that I’ve completed at 3 Owl, UTÖKA, and on my own time.

I cannot create the completed work without putting in the work for myself. And this whole thing could change tomorrow, heck with COVID-19, is there ever a tomorrow? Was there ever a tomorrow in the first place?


3 Owl
Art Director (2018-2020)
Designer & Strategist (2016-2018)

Junior Graphic Designer (2016)

Georgia State University
BFA Graphic Design (2012-2016)